Week 137: Raw data

Two weeks to go until my next deadline.

I’ve been listening to my data – audio files I collected last year – to finalise the transcripts that go to the appendices.

It feels so different to hear my interview questions and their responses now.

The participants were frank, added jokes between their narratives, and gave me a lot of information that I wanted to know. I tried not to interrupt them, which means I couldn’t stop their talking while I worried about the time allowed for each interview.

I have a strong feeling that the next 14 days will be key to completing my draft thesis. Early this year, I made a prediction that I would submit my thesis at the earliest in December and at the latest in February 2020. But my optimistic feeling tells me that it could happen in November, that’s pretty wishful thinking though.

The reason I sense this is that the editing process is finally in sight and I have my motivation back. I’ve been embracing the process of making transcripts and translations and acknowledging more and more that audio files are very precious raw data.

I have already missed being a PhD student and having a lazy day at home.


My achievements in week 137

  • wrote and edited half of the findings chapter

Goals for week 138

  • write and edit chapters 2, 4 and 5