Weeks 132 and 133: Feeling Relieved

It’s nice to write in my journal after crossing out the tasks to be completed for the week and while feeling a sense of accomplishment: “My work is done!”

Luca and I used to enjoy Friday Pizza on Friday evening if I finished all my targets for the week on time. We turned on music, ordered pizza and went to Tesco to get some Rekorderlig cider, limes, and ice cream. Then we had a small party. We do still have those Friday parties, but I’ve now enjoyed cooking more frequently.

Over the last week, I have cooked: meatballs with tagliatelle, seafood ramen, Japanese cold noodles (Hiyachi Chuka), etc. Cooking is the best method of ‘changing the scenery’ for me.

This week, I finished writing a full illustration of my analytical framework, which is a great relief.

The work had been intense. For months, I didn’t feel like celebrating the achievement of weekly tasks because I had not yet completed the full draft. I finished writing the draft at 2 am on Friday, slept for a couple of hours, did some self-proofreading in the early morning and sent it to my supervisors. Staying up late reminds me of the first year of my PhD.


Meatballs with Tagliatelle


Japanese Seafood Ramen


Japanese Cold Noodles (Hiyachi Chuka)


Udon served in warm soup


My achievements in Weeks 132 and 133

  • completed a full illustration of the framework that I have worked on over the past month
  • finished my Japanese course
  • started baking again

Goals for Week 134

  • discuss my draft with my supervisors
  • take a week’s holiday in Italy