Banana Bread

The last four months have been busy, settling down into the new apartment, teaching, travelling, and writing chapter drafts. I wasn’t in a baking mood, although I baked frequently until I moved out of the old flat.

On Friday, I baked.

The recipe I chose for my first baking session in four months was Donal Skehan’s Banana Bread.

I love this recipe because it has simple ingredients and easy steps, and it tastes lovely and is very moist. I added chocolate chips as usual, which works wonderfully. I used a traybake tin and baked for about 30 minutes. This makes it easier to decorate the cake with extra banana on the top and to slice for a bite. This looks pretty.

I had a few slices with a cup of Assam tea. It relieved my work stress and was the happiest hour of the day. Luca finished most of the bread after dinner, and he is happy that I’m back in baking mode again.