Weeks 134 and 135: Summer holiday

I am writing this post in a hotel room near Kensington Gardens in London, after an eight-day holiday in Sicily. This was probably the first holiday that I indulged in during my PhD. In a villa in Sicily, we had very limited internet connection and I had a zero chance to open my draft documents, which created a perfect opportunity to digitally detox and recharge my batteries.


Supervision day

The day before leaving for Sicily, I had a supervision day. We discussed my analytical framework, research progress, and the next step, which is going to be finalising my result chapter. It’s always a comfort to know all three of my supervisors are happy with my progress.

I have loved my supervision days for the entire time of my PhD. They are always positive, supportive and encouraging. Whenever I struggle with some research issue, they explain how common that is and how normal my feelings are.

It was sad to know that my second supervisor has taken up a different position and will no longer be my official supervisor. She can still advise me on the thesis drafts, but the next supervision in September will be the last chance to have an in-depth discussion with her.

She asked me to finalise the result chapter, sum up my argument for the discussion chapter and briefly write the implications by the time of the next meeting. This means I need to finish drafting two large chapters in four weeks. It sounds a bit overwhelming, but strangely, I feel able to do it and that it’s going to go smoothly.


My achievements in Weeks 134 and 135

  • My first paper has been published through an online journal!
  • I gained so much feedback and advice on my draft.

Goals for Week 136

  • reorganise my office room
  • revise my result chapter

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  1. Congratulations on getting the paper published! And I love these supervisor meetings too where you feel very supported and able to take on the nex tasks however big they may seem!

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