Being happy in mundane things

Monday was a beautiful sunny day with blue sky and warm temperature. As I walked towards the rail station, the warm sunshine and green leaves of the trees in the wind felt wonderful. I don’t know why, but I was filled with happiness. I took some pictures of the sky and the town and sent them to my mum.

I cook evening meals ahead of time for dinner on days when I don’t have teaching. This week, I cooked gluten-free aglio e olio spaghetti, Mapo tofu, a casual antipasto with wine, etc. Shopping for food and preparing dinner gives me a ton of joy.

I hope to look at ordinary moments with new eyes. I have decided to keep recording the little moments in my life here on my blog and embracing them.


A street I walk every day.


I commute for 2 hours and work in London.


A casual antipasto: vegetable stir-fry, potato croquette, sausages, Doritos.