Weeks 123 and 124: Making a poster

There are three weeks until I fly to Hong Kong to attend an international conference. I’ve just started creating my conference poster. This is the first time I’ve designed a research poster, and I’ve read many websites on how to make an effective layout for qualitative research.

I’ve got some worries about creating a poster. My data is long transcripts and I am struggling to structure an area for the findings. I’m also still deciding whether to take my poster with me or find a place to print it near the venue in HK.

I am very excited to go to Hong Kong for the first time in five years! Luca has successfully arranged 10 days’ holiday in June and will join me.


A long way to go

I’ve received my supervisor’s feedback on the updated thesis structure and analytical categories.

There is so much stuff I need to rewrite and elaborate, which made me feel overwhelmed again. I’ve realised that I am not good at multitasking and it always affects my inner peace. But I am glad to get a lot of clarification on my drafts before moving forward and will focus on one important task at a time.


I cooked Mapo Tofu using tofu, minced beef, chopped garlic, black bean sauce and soy sauce.


My achievements in Weeks 123 and 124

  • updated the overall structure of my thesis
  • edited a section of the methodology chapter
  • started drafting my conference poster

Goals for Week 125

  • have a good discussion on a supervisory day
  • create and design the conference poster
  • bake vegan carrot cake

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    1. They have told me that it’s best to bring a poster when I arrive, but if it’s not possible, they gave me some suggestions for local printing shops. Poster is A0 size and I’m a little bit feeling hesitated to fly with a poster tube… but I’ll have to do it probably. I’ve read your blog posts on the conference! They are very useful and thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂

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