Weeks 125 and 126: See the overview of the thesis

Happy June!

I will finish making my conference poster this weekend, then will get it printed on fabric and fly to Hong Kong soon.

Last week I had supervisory days. Based on my supervisors’ feedback, I’ve updated the thesis structure, descriptions for chapters, and the project schedule. They all became more transparent. My thesis will have seven chapters; I am working on Chapter 5.

My supervisor suggested that I would be more comfortable in submitting my thesis in February next year after completing a couple of months of editing. I am aiming to finish writing all the drafts by December, then to start the editing and submission stage early next year.

While many people around me talk about the future after their PhD, my brain cannot think about and picture my future yet.



My achievements in Weeks 125 and 126

  • finished making a poster draft
  • updated the thesis structure and project schedule and changed the thesis title

Goals for Week 127

  • write a section for the methodology chapter
  • get my poster printed and fly to Hong Kong with it