Coffee and cake after intolerance

In April, I was shocked when I found out the result of my blood test for food intolerance. I got the highest level of intolerance for milk and the second-highest level for eggs, barley, and yeast.

The test looks at IgG antibodies in the blood; an increase in IgG to a certain food indicates intolerance to that food. Although it seems that there is no convincing evidence to validate the IgG scale, it was good to find out at least.

It was a shock about scoring the highest mark for milk. I sometimes had a skin reaction after taking it, but never severe.

Even though I expected it a little bit, it was sad to see the result. I love baking cakes and bread, snacking on cheese, and making a béchamel sauce and cheesy Italian dishes.

Following the advice from the test result, I tried avoiding foods with higher indications just for two weeks. Instead, I ate vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and rice.

Two weeks later, what I found was:

  1. my skin condition has been very good;
  2. I’ve lost some weight and maintained it;
  3. overall, my body and mind have been pretty good and stable;
  4. I still feel like I am restricted in what to eat;
  5. I found this situation is not very pleasant, but my level is not severe. For those who have more serious allergic reactions, it must be inevitable to think about meal choices carefully;
  6. I am deeply grateful that I can still eat and enjoy a variety of food.


Today, I have tried coffee for the first time in three months to check how I feel, with a slice of carrot cake! I had no stomach pain this time and no skin reaction.

It may be okay to reduce the frequency and amount of the intake and to give myself some treats like this, now and then, once a month.