Week 105: New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a very nice feeling to open a fresh, new diary for 2019, and make a list of achievable tasks for the day while having a morning coffee.

On New Year’s Day, I mapped out what my next 12 months will look like. I put semester dates, thesis milestones, deadlines and details of conferences into my diary. I am hoping to submit my thesis in December (which I still think is feasible, and regardless, I aim to complete it). My another resolution is to stay healthy, spend more time outdoors in the fresh air, do more yoga at home and reduce my sugar intake.

I start teaching again next week, so this year is going to be extremely intensive.




Writing & Cooking

I’ve been writing case histories for my analysis chapter. There are 12 more cases left to analyse, which I’ll work on over the next three months. I am still deciding how each case history should be presented in the chapter.

I’ve also enjoyed cooking. A homemade Japanese meal is real comfort food. It typically includes a bowl of rice, miso soup, salad, omelette, and grilled fish. I made miso soup and omelette and added tiny dried shrimps on top of the rice.


Thursday dinner: Japanese style meal


Friday dinner: Bacon and spinach pasta bake


My achievements in Week 105

  • started working on my analysis chapter by adding five case analyses

Goals for Week 106

  • submit my working draft to my supervisors
  • make transcripts of two more cases
  • prepare for teaching