Happy New Year! Sky pictures from my flights

Happy New Year 2019!

I would like to share some beautiful photos from my flights. The winter sky above the clouds was clear and beautiful, and it gave me a lot of positive energy and inspiration for a new year.

My flight was KL0862, departing Tokyo at 11:30 am. It’s an 11-hour journey from Tokyo, Japan to Norwich, England on 27 December, and flies over the northern parts of Japan, Russia and Scandinavia.



After a five-hour nap, I opened the window shade.

The plane was heading for the sunrise in Europe, so the sky was gradually turning to apricot and violet colours  – the clock turns back. It was really beautiful.



We landed in Amsterdam at 3 pm. The 11-hour flight was so smooth and comfortable.

I had 40 minutes in Schiphol to connect with my next flight to Norwich. It’s a short 40-minute flight.

The plane headed into the sunset, which was, again, so beautiful. As we got closer to the UK, I saw grey clouds neatly covering the cities; that’s why English cities are so dark in the winter. But I discovered that the sky above the clouds was very bright and clear.



Despite the short connection time of 40 minutes, my luggage arrived with me without any problem. On the flight, I got some tasty cheese biscuits.

Again, the year to come is filled with great moments for you (and hoping your coffee cup stays full)!