Week 77: Formal meeting and bread making

On Tuesday, I had a formal meeting with all three of my supervisors for the first time in six months. Before going to the office, I was extremely nervous more so than in our previous meetings. That morning, I was woken up by a bad dream in which I was really late for the meeting and had to rush to the office. So, I made sure I arrived 30 minutes ahead of schedule and read all the documents relevant to the meeting.

I needn’t have worried.

The atmosphere was relaxed, we all hugged and my supervisors’ responses were very positive. I think it was the very first time I’d received lots of compliments and encouragement about my work! I am finally able to feel confident that all my fieldwork activities have taken me in the right direction to answer the research questions, even though I struggled with some methodological issues before and even during my fieldwork.

One of my supervisors told me: “this data allows you to perform research not just for your PhD but also after PhD, probably five years from now.” I was very happy to hear that and I am so lucky to have obtained a successful data collection.

We then discussed the next steps: clarify a definition and analytical frameworks and complete transcription and translations. Now I am very clear about what I should do. My motivation to complete my research has been restored.


Bread making

Recently, I have been enjoying bread making.

Last weekend, I made herb dinner rolls with ham, onion and corn. This weekend, I made Finnish cinnamon rolls.

When I make bread, I become so focused. I started bread making when I was little, and in my early 20s I was very enthusiastic about it. It might be a very good thing that I’ve started doing something I love in my spare time.


Finnish Cinnamon Rolls


My achievements in week 77

  • gained confidence in my research
  • identified what I should primarily do for the next three weeks

Goals for week 78

  • enjoy participating in a conference
  • read key literature and papers and write summaries