Week 76: On to the next step

I wrote only about the progress of my fieldwork report for the past month as if I had shut myself in my room all the time.

Since I submitted my report last weekend, I have seen many people: Luca’s mum, to celebrate her birthday; his friends, to see their new baby girl; and my PhD colleagues, to catch up.

On Friday, my colleague and I went to a pub with a large garden, and we had a good chat about our research over beer and burgers and enjoyed the atmosphere of the garden in the summertime.



Chapter editing – Start again

I opened my draft of Chapter 2 for the first time in six months; it was surprising how it doesn’t make sense.

Eventually, I deleted some sections, reorganised the structure and started working on it again. Having now completed my fieldwork and the report, my perceptions of what is important for literature reviews and what is significant about a concept have become clearer and clearer. So, it is the right time to reorganise and edit the chapters I had previously worked on.

Next week I will have a meeting with all three of my supervisors. There, I will make sure of my next steps (analytical framework, transcription and translation). I will also attend a conference the week after.


Canapés and champagne


My achievements in Week 76

  • received feedback from my supervisors and arranged a formal meeting with them for next week
  • identified software to transcribe audio data and initiated a transcription process

Goals for Week 77

  • have a face-to-face meeting with my supervisors for the first time in six months
  • work on chapters