Week 75: Report is done!

The fieldwork report was nearly done on Wednesday, and I spent Thursday reading through it again and making minor alterations.

I cannot say that I have any feeling of satisfaction with my work yet; not until I have heard from my supervisors about it.

In February I created a report format and entered records into the document over the next three months, to be able to show all my activities to them. After coming back to England, I started adding more precise information about data and its contextual background.

I now have a little time for relaxing at home, thoroughly cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, cooking meals, taking longer coffee breaks than usual and messaging friends.




My achievements in week 75

  • completed my 15,000-word fieldwork report

Goals for week 76

  • arrange a formal meeting with my supervisors (for the first time in six months) and prepare for it
  • make sure of my next steps
  • break any large tasks down into smaller and more manageable pieces