Week 74: 75% Progress

Listening to the audio data I collected and creating summary tables with detailed descriptions is time-consuming, but I thought it a necessary and crucial process for me.

While writing, I think of each patient participant, and I can recall every person’s face, the atmosphere, and the houses I visited.

In the research field, I wrote in my diary every day and had a small notebook and two voice recorders with me during observations. Thanks to all these records, my memories of the participants and events are very clear, and I am organising all of them into one report.

Reading a non-academic book for at least 30 minutes is one of my morning routines. Although my reading is slow, this definitely helps my writing in terms of describing events and developing my initial thoughts about a cultural context.

My stay in Tokyo was very active, from morning to evening, Monday to Sunday, constantly seeing people. I miss it in a way, as I am now sitting at my desk virtually all day long, and starting to notice back pain again. Cooking meals and having pizza on Friday evening is my favourite mini-event of the day for a change, but once I finish the report, I would like to start exercising at a gym.



My achievements in week 74

  • finished writing a data section of my fieldwork report after two weeks’ writing, which comprises 70% of the report

Goals for week 75

  • finish writing the full-length report next week and submit it by 8th June