Week 66: Notification letter

I’ve received a notification letter that my proposal has been accepted for an oral presentation at an international conference taking place in September. This will be my very first presentation at an academic conference.

Reading the letter, I realised that I have to do many things before September, and wondered whether it is realistically possible or not. I sent an email to my supervisors, attaching the letter and the latest version of my fieldwork report. Their responses and feedback were very positive and optimistic, which made me feel a bit relieved.


Data collection

This week I discussed arrangements for the second focus group discussion, and the details have been fixed.

Organising a focus group is the toughest task in terms of recruiting participants and securing the venue. Asking professionals to be interviewed is harder as well, because we have to arrange to do so at a time outside their work timetable, and most of them are too busy to permit me to do it.

I initially expected that making observations and audio recordings in a consultation would be the hardest. But it turned out that sitting in on a consultation along with a professional’s timetable was not very difficult if the professional is supportive of the research.


Luca is coming to Tokyo next weekend. I will have to set about wrapping up my fieldwork and tidying up my room.


My achievements in Week 66

  • fixed the date and venue and some details of the second focus group discussion
  • got advice about my research from my aunt
  • got accepted for a conference presentation taking place in September

Goals for Week 67

  • continue my observations, recording and literature review
  • enjoy a farewell dinner with my close friend