Weeks 64 and 65: Japan’s cherry blossoms


I am feeling as if I have just finished a sprint.

Over the past 14 days, I had non-stop observation work for research, and also seminars in the evenings and some hanami nights after work.

This year, the appearance of the cherry blossoms was earlier than usual. Fortunately, we have been able to enjoy it with sunny and warm temperatures for over two weeks. I visited two cherry blossom spots in Tokyo: Chidori-ga-fuchi and Ueno Park.

My dad and I enjoyed dinner, sitting at a window-side table and viewing the blossoms.




Data collection

I’ve just finished all my fieldwork scheduled in March (observations and recordings) and I also conducted a focus group discussion with patients. I prepared in case fewer people than expected came to attend the focus group against my expectation. A minimum of six people are ideal for a group, but it depends on the participants’ circumstances on that day, just a few people might come. I was going to conduct it even if fewer people came. Luckily, I had eight participants on the day.

As of today, I have made 58 observations in consultations and collected 33 recordings, three interviews with professionals and a focus group. I have five more recordings, three interviews and two focus groups scheduled in April.

I’ve been so behind schedule that I haven’t had enough time for writing and reviewing textbooks. Another goal in April is to finish writing my literature review of local sources.



Luca is coming to Tokyo in two weeks. This is his 3rd time to travel Japan. Not having him around has been very tough for me, and hopefully, seeing him for the first time in four months will be a very special moment.


My achievements in Week 64

  • made 12 observations and collected 10 recordings
  • made contact with a health professional to ask for some help recruiting patients as participants for the focus groups

My achievements in Week 65

  • conducted a focus group discussion with eight patients
  • made 10 observations and collected seven recordings
  • updated my fieldwork report

Goals for Week 66

  • tidy up my room and clean the house
  • work on a systematic literature review