Week 67: Slowdown

Because I only had one case for my observation this week, the last few days were a bit more relaxed, with reading and dinner with my friend.


Presentation skills course

This week, I also finished the presentation skills course I have been taking since January. The evening class was taught by an American teacher whose reputation is quite well-known in Tokyo.

I learnt some effective styles of verbal and non-verbal communication for presentations and group discussions, looking not just at how to speak but also at how to listen and respond. My classmates were professors, doctors and global companies’ employees, etc. I was the least intelligent person in the classroom, but what I gained was enormous. I raised some healthcare topics that were closely relevant to my research, and my classmates’ feedback was so useful and helpful. I also found my greatest weakness in those skills, which was the most meaningful experience for me.


Long-distance relationship

Luca is coming to Tokyo tomorrow. We can finally see each other for the first time in four months. Having a long-distance relationship, even for a short period, has been so difficult for me. The nine-hour time difference has prevented us from calling, having a chat or discussing anything in depth. I found it unpleasant to exchange light, shallow, sugar-coated messages every day for months. But I understand that it is due to many factors such as time difference, busyness and timing. When he comes, I would like to make up for the lost communication by talking a lot.


My achievements in Week 67

  • made my observation and collected one recording
  • finished a three-month presentation skills course

Goals for Week 68

  • continue my observations and recordings, and the second focus group discussion