Week 60: Old textbooks

The scholar who I met in Week 58 sent me a box of old textbooks that he actually used at medical school 20 years ago. When we met two weeks ago, he mentioned that he has many old books that he doesn’t use anymore, and he offered to lend them to me.

When opening the box, I was very excited.

There were 13 books (and one VHS cassette) in it, and, taking each one in turn, I wrote down the titles, authors, publishers and year published. Some of the books are 40 years old and out of print now. They are so valuable. Furthermore, I noticed there is an author’s signature on the front page in some books, and there are little notes written by the scholar on the last page in each book. It was really nice to feel that I could recognise his ‘personality’ from these handwritten notes and signatures. If he had not offered, I would never have been able to access these sources.

I have had a kick-off meeting with each research participant and finished scheduling my observations and recordings. I will start planning focus group discussions soon. Things are moving forward.

Speaking of my social life, I see my friend once a week for a change of pace.

Next week, I will take a whole week off and spend some time with my mum.


A little relaxation


My achievements in Week 60

  • made seven observations and four audio recordings, and conducted an interview
  • visited six participants to arrange details for further observations and recordings

Goals for Week 61

  • submit my revised paper by 28th
  • spend a week with my mum and enjoy my time off