Week 61: Holiday

I flew to Kagoshima to spend a week with my mum. It was really nice to see her and have some time to relax together. We did some shopping, visited the popular shrine Kirishima Jingu, found a nice coffee shop Sabo Gen in the city centre and had a lovely dinner at her favourite restaurant. Time sped by so quickly!




During the holiday, I also worked on editing a piece of my work to submit. The work was originally my MA dissertation, but I rewrote it as a journal article. Each section had to be shortened considerably, and I found it really difficult.



My achievements in Week 61

  • finally submitted my work to an online journal
  • enjoyed a week’s holiday with my mum

Goals for Week 62

  • continue my observations, recordings and literature review
  • have some social time with my friends who are coming to Japan for holidays