Week 59: Second day of data collection

This week, I conducted the second day of my data collection, which included five observations and four audio recordings. I have enjoyed visiting patients with healthcare professionals and learning how professionals in different fields work together in care settings.

It took some time for me to start data collection. I didn’t want to begin observations or interviews immediately. First, I wanted to have several face-to-face meetings with physician participants. They didn’t mind doing this, and I found that they were interested in my research ‘from a researcher perspective’. When I have finished my research, I will share the results with all of the participants. This motivates me in my field research.

My biggest achievement of the week is that I finished writing and submitting my conference proposal. I am very happy that I managed this as I haven’t been able to spend much time writing since January.


My achievements in Week 59

  • made five observations and four audio recordings
  • submitted my conference proposal
  • made leaflets to recruit patient participants for audio recordings and focus group
  • finally finished writing my progress report on field research

Goals for Week 60

  • finish editing my paper
  • conduct two-day observations and an interview
  • celebrate my dad’s 75th birthday!