Week 58: Moving forward

What an intensive and hectic seven-day last week!

The biggest achievements from the week were that I got my ethics clearance from an organisation (no more ethics applications required!) and that I got the inspiration for my methodology through a meeting with the scholar who I mentioned last week, a ‘very cold person’. His tone in his emails seemed reluctant to talk to me, but he agreed to see me. I visited his office at the hospital where he works. I was very, very nervous.

It turned out that he was very nice, cheery and helpful. He gave me a lot of information that I wanted. I got a bit confused about the difference in personality. He was smiling throughout the meeting, and what’s more, he offered to send some academic books to my address, which I really appreciated.

In the meeting, I confided in him that I was concerned about the potential disconnect between my research questions, methodology and answers. He immediately understood the point and gave me advice on how to better answer some of my research questions, which resolved all the anxieties I had been suffering from over the past months. It was almost a miracle.


Meet with an expert

It would be one of the greatest benefits of doing fieldwork to have a face-to-face meeting with an expert and get a deep understanding of what actually happens in the field, not just what literature tells.

However, fieldwork is not all fun and productive. My work in Japan has been about ‘walking, meeting people and interacting’, and I have not been able to spend much time on ‘writing’. My aim for Week 59 is to work on editing my paper and writing some reports.



My achievements in Week 58

  • made contact with three physicians, to whom one of my research participants introduced me
  • started collecting relevant books for a systematic literature review
  • arranged some details for focus group discussions that will take place in March
  • wrote a draft of my proposal for a conference
  • got the ethics approval from an organisation
  • had all my worries on methodology solved

Goals for Week 59

  • submit my conference proposal
  • write my first report on my fieldwork to share with my supervisors
  • edit my paper for an online journal