Week 166: Need to rest

It would be healthy to have some emotional ups and downs in everyday life, but this week, I’ve been struggling to handle the emotional surge.

I’ve been making further revisions to Chapters 4 and 5. These two largest chapters of my thesis have hindered me from moving on to editing the other chapters. There’s so much left to do, and everything seems to be going back and forth, making me wonder if I am making progress or not.

On the days I taught, I was in a state of extreme fatigue, and I made a small mistake in my preparation for one class, which confused my students. (I was depressed about that mistake for a couple of days afterwards…)

I didn’t know that the final year of my PhD programme would be as stressful as this, and so far away from calmness or the excitement of its submission.

Knowing that the deadline is approaching, I took a day off on Friday to rest and recharge my batteries. I slept longer, woke up at 11 am, had breakfast tea, and baked cupcakes in the afternoon, which were much needed.

It is not possible, even for hard-working people, to work every single day non-stop. We need to rest and ease our nerves, maybe by listening to music, having some chocolate, doing a stretch, etc.



My achievements in week 166

  • made further revisions for Chapters 4 and 5

Goals for week 167

  • edit Chapters 2 and 3