Weeks 164 and 165: Completion of Chapter 4

I’ve completed editing Chapter 4. At 15,000 words, it is the second-largest chapter of my thesis.

My methodology chapter provides a lot of background about my preliminary fieldwork, the main fieldwork, the data sample, the three stages of the analysis, the results of a pilot study, and the development of an analytical framework for the qualitative design. It is narrative and reveals what I have done with this project over the past three years.



I was going to finish the chapter a week early, but in the middle of February, I needed about a week to write my postdoc application before the deadline. Also, there was so much to do: workshops, peer observation, etc.

There are two months and two weeks left until my thesis submission deadline.


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My achievements in weeks 164 and 165

  • completed draft Chapter 4
  • sent my application for a postdoc research position

Goals for week 165

  • edit Chapters 2 and 3