I love teaching

The first ten weeks of my course have passed. We have the Easter break until we start the second half of the semester. My students gave me a letter, some Japanese biscuits and Cleistocactus!



I have taught in the HE sector since 2017 (I am at a very early career stage), and more and more, this experience has made me give serious consideration to how to improve my teaching skills. I wish I could spend more time preparing and doing more research on the subject. I would like to improve my information-giving skills, become a better tutor, and pursue a teaching career, although my family, friends and colleagues say, ‘Don’t forget. Your focus is your PhD.’

Some PhD students make decisions about their careers a year before finishing their PhD. I still hope to finish my studies at the end of this year, and before that, I would have to decide ‘what’ and ‘where’ I do for the next step.


Before going to the last class, I went to my favourite cafe to have tea and an éclair.