Weeks 115 and 116: Hectic weeks with moving

For the past two weeks, I have been fully occupied with moving and teaching.

Moving is really stressful and time-consuming for many matters, but it’s been fantastic to see that the new apartment has been set up very nicely little by little.

As for research, my progress was quite slow last week. I was completely distracted by unpacking in the messy room; my focus easily switched to tidying up, assembling furniture and cleaning up the rooms, while knowing that I have a deadline in a week and had made little progress…

On Tuesday morning I went to Starbucks to freshen and focus on my analysis – that worked well. I set up my desk and bookshelf that evening, and with that completed, I felt like my concentration returned to normal.

I have to make up the leeway this weekend, and at the same time transcribe extra data, so that I can include 28 cases in total for the analysis this time. This sounds a bit too ambitious, but I’m going to analyse it intensively for the next four days at home.


My desk arrangement is exactly the same as I had in the old place. I haven’t made any new purchases for my home office space.


Two years ago I wrote a post about my probation review in the first year of PhD and how I prepared for it. Today I added a list of 20 questions I had prepared, hoping that it would help first-year PhD students. Here’s the link!

My examiner asked me a few general questions and some technical ones, and we expanded the discussions into more technical views. So, I wasn’t asked all of the questions, but most of them came up in some form.


My achievements in Weeks 115 and 116

  • moved out and in, and have settled down well
  • finished 10 weeks of teaching

Goals for Week 117

  • finish a draft of my analysis and send it to my supervisors