Week 114: Testing out the framework

My next deadline is 25th March – by when I must test the analytical framework and draft the initial findings.

This week passed very slowly. I’ve allowed myself to rest a little bit, created templates, and glanced over the data and field notes.

Having thoughtful preparation (just ‘slow action’ in my case) is most important. I would like to move on to the next action after making sure that everything is reasonably okay so far. For me, it can be a little risky to leave unclear or unsolved issues and to move ahead and set them aside, because the motivation to solve the issues would likely weaken as time passes. If I were to find the same unsolved issue again, months later, I might not handle it anymore or be able to tackle it. Anyway, I prefer to handle it right away, and this is how I have written my draft chapters so far.


Conference preparation

I’ve got another deadline on 31st March, and revised my abstract for a conference presentation in order to submit the final version. Two reviewers’ comments were so nice! The first reviewer’s feedback includes a lot of encouragement and motivates me. The second reviewer’s comments are incredibly critical. Basically, he said that my abstract is terrible. My colleagues told me, ‘That’s normal. Usually, one person likes your abstract and the other person heavily criticises it’. I now feel like I can finally be part of proper academia.


This is the last weekend at the current flat. I have spent the time writing my blog and prepping my classes as always, cooking carbonara and butternut squash soup.



My achievements in Week 114

  • made lists of consultation data and some templates for analysis
  • collected the keys of our new apartment and arranged for TV and wifi, and a removal company

Goals for Week 115

  • conduct analysis
  • renew my passport in London
  • move to the new place