Week 113: Milestone – Analytical Framework

I am writing this post on my new MacBook Air. Very light to carry, and typing feels good.

There are lots of milestones in the process of writing a PhD thesis. In Week 113, it feels like I’ve finally got to the stage that I’ve struggled to reach for the past nine months.

Over the month, I sketched ideas for my framework, received feedback and much advice from my supervisors, and revised it again and again. We had two supervisory days this week, and finally, my provisional analytical framework has been fixed. Now, I am feeling relief.

But, until those supervisions, I was trying to self-medicate my stress and emotional turmoil and feeling that I was approaching the limit of my capacity.

My framework is still at the provisional stage (it’s been ‘provisional’ all the time, and moving forward incredibly slowly). I will apply it to my transcripts and see how it works, which will be something of a mechanical process, but exciting!



Luca and I signed the contract for our new apartment.

Next week, we will receive the keys. We have a two-month overlap between the old and new places, which is good for us; we don’t need to rush to pack everything, of the removing and cleaning.

I will miss this flat, where I kicked off my PhD programme and teaching role and enjoyed lots of cooking and baking. The kitchen and dining area is spacious, facing large windows, and has lots of sunlight. At the moment we have two bunches of tulips on the dining table and have taken many photos of cooking this week, which will be the last photos of life at this flat.


Fish curry – mackerel curry with tomato


My achievements in Week 113

  • set my analytical framework after nine months of struggles
  • signed the contract for the new apartment
  • I’ve lost 2kg in February.

Goals for Week 114

  • work on analysis applying the framework
  • make a full transcript of one case