Week 79: Good health habits

I have been reading key studies and working on a section to define a concept. Maybe I am struggling a bit with it, how to structure different definitions of one concept proposed by different authors, and eventually how to logically link discussions to a conceptual framework.

The most striking thing for me is how different each author’s description of the definition is from the others, and how complicated it is to define a concept. I spent long hours consulting some methodological books and making an online search. My progress was quite slow this week, so I am working on it over the weekend.


Healthy habits

Since I started cooking meals every day and enjoying weekend baking in May, my stress levels have been reduced dramatically. Spending a little time cooking for relaxation makes me feel better and less stressed.

Also, I have noticed that once I have taken the first healthy habit, other good habits have grown automatically: I started measuring my body weight and basal body temperature every morning, doing yoga by watching yoga videos at home, and Luca and I just signed up for gym yesterday.

Here’s a list of my healthy daily habits:

  1. Keep a health diary: weight, basal temperature, mood, etc.
  2. Make a smoothie for our breakfast
  3. Clean the house for 30 minutes
  4. Drink water frequently
  5. Cook meals
  6. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit
  7. Do yoga at night for 20 minutes
  8. Sleep for eight hours if possible

Of these eight items, I did only three last year. Most of them I started doing just two months ago, and they have become indispensable.


Mango and pineapple smoothie


Monday dinner: Sauteed haddock with green salad and Japanese omelette


Thursday dinner: vegetable curry


Weekend baking: cheese and pea muffins


My achievements in Week 79

  • read key studies and literature and worked on setting an analytical framework

Goals for Week 80

  • finish the section defining a concept
  • transcribe data
  • exercise for 30 minutes per day