Week 72: Focusing on writing

This week, I have worked on sorting out the data I collected in Japan, as well as writing and editing the fieldwork report, even though it was beautiful and sunny outside!

My writing routine has improved. When writing my thesis, my most productive timeslot is 10:00 to 13:00. My concentration is not great after 16:00.

I’ve never before used the subject pronoun ‘I’ in my academic papers, but I feel I need to use ‘I’ because it sounds more natural in an interpretation of what I saw, heard, and perceived in my fieldwork. Describing the environment in which the participants interacted requires a more journalistic style because readers are not familiar with the location.

I love the weather in May in England. The cool breeze and warm sunshine are very comfortable. It was in May of 2012 when I visited the UK for the first time, just before the London Olympics, and also I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere surrounding the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. I still have a teacup with the 60th-anniversary logo that I bought at the time.


Japanese sweets

A week before I left Tokyo, I visited a university to see one of the physician participants again to say thank you. After seeing him, I dropped by a union shop and found a box of chocolates that have the university logo and the name ‘UTokyo’ on each piece of chocolate. I am enjoying the chocolate with a small glass of whisky tonight.


My achievements in Week 72

  • organised my stuff in the wardrobe space
  • worked on my fieldwork report (contextual sections) and edited the structure and format of the report

Goals for Week 73

  • continue working on my fieldwork report until I finish the summary tables of data collected
  • edit chapters