Week 51: Christmas socials Part 2

My research workload was small in Week 51. I spent most of the time contacting research participants, shopping for Christmas stuff and cleaning the kitchen, dining space and bathroom.

On Tuesday, my supervisor invited me to lunch. It was a pleasure to have a nice lunch with her before my departure for fieldwork. In our regular supervision meetings, we only talk about research, and I didn’t know anything about her private life. She is caring and professional. It was pleasant to talk about some of our private matters and her PhD experiences over panini and coffee!

On Wednesday, my friend asked me for a lunch. He specialises in Economics. We always have lots of topics to discuss, and it is also amusing that he sometimes uses linguistics terms in our conversation. We both have experience of living abroad for a decent period, and we always agree about how local people tend not to change their language use (vocabulary and expressions) towards people from other countries or cultures. They (we) sometimes just forget to use a simple expression that cannot be misunderstood and that can work in intercultural settings.

On Christmas Eve, we spent the afternoon shopping, cooking a turkey, potatoes and brussels sprouts, and decorating a table with Christmas flowers and crackers. On Christmas Day we had an early dinner at home and went to a cinema.




Goals for Week 52

  • edit Chapter 2
  • update my paper, to send to an online journal
  • get ready to depart for my fieldwork