Week 50: Christmas socials

I attended Christmas socials at my school and enjoyed having a chat with PhD colleagues with whom I had not had an opportunity to talk. We discussed our research methods and shared some concerns about analysis over drinks. It was very useful to exchange our thoughts and experiences of research life.

Some of the participants in my research have helped me with further recruitment, and I made contact with three more healthcare professionals. I am sincerely grateful for their support and advice. My study is going to be a co-production of knowledge from all the participants and advisers. Day by day, I look upon myself more and more as a learner, and my participants as teachers.


Teaching training

One more achievement from Week 50 was that I completed all the coursework for an online course. In January I started a two-year online programme of Japanese language teaching, and have just finished the first-half course of the programme. I will take the latter course over the next year. I found the programme very useful, especially as my teaching experience helped me to understand how each method actually works in a classroom.


Sushi roll

In my spare time, I enjoy making a sushi roll called Salad Maki with ingredients of a salad: cucumber, lettuce, imitation crab sticks, omelette and Japanese kewpie mayonnaise. The combination of sushi rice and salad ingredients is compatible and popular in Japan!



Goals for Week 51

  • edit and update my paper to send it to an online journal
  • work on my proposals to apply for two conferences
  • enjoy Christmas shopping and treats with Luca