Week 41: My 38th Birthday

I met some PhD colleagues around my desk for the first time since I moved into the office in April. Talking with colleagues and having lunch or coffee with someone is healthy for us because we tend to work alone for long hours, and our way of life tends to be isolating.

In the shared office, a neighbour spoke to me and we introduced ourselves. It was the first time I had ever seen him, and I asked if he was in his first year. He said that he had just submitted his doctoral thesis. He looked completely relaxed and refreshed. I felt happy to know that this actually happens! I hope it will happen to me!

I organised all the feedback I received through the probation review and made a summary of what I should do for the rest of the year and sent it to my supervisors. It is important to share summaries of meetings and my next actions with them.

On Saturday, Luca bought a lot of flowers from a market, and we spent the morning arranging the flowers and having pain au chocolat and tea. I had a relaxing time in the afternoon (speaking to my parents, replying to my friends’ messages, having wine) and we went to our favourite Italian restaurant for dinner. It was a really nice birthday with the feeling of love.


My goals for Week 42

  • finish analysing the pilot data
  • submit the analysis and documents to my supervisors