Week 12

The clock has changed to summertime.

Week 12 became a very important point in the first year of my research in all respects. I did my first stab at writing a draft and sent it to my supervisors. The 3,000-word summary covers two main aspects: the healthcare system and linguistic studies in healthcare settings.

I made new friends this week. We met in a training session, and they spoke to me after we finished it. I was happy to be spoken to, as I had previously been alone in all sessions. After having a conversation with them, I realised that most of us work independently and feel isolated. We are all feeling the same.

The spring semester has ended this week. I am feeling much less stressed.



My achievements from Week 12

  • finished writing my first stab
  • made friends through training sessions
  • completed 10-week teaching

Goals for the next week

  • take a day off