Week 11

Week 11 was busy attending seminars and writing.

Usually, allocating seminars and my teaching is put in my schedule first, and then I put my research tasks into a space between them. I would like to have a rest between each task, though every minute is so precious when I am rushing to meet a deadline. I could not work on my research for more than five hours a day, as it uses up a lot of my concentration.

I also had a great time meeting new people!

  • I met some PhD students who asked me to go for coffee and with whom I was able to chat on various topics apart from research discussions.
  • A group of Japanese researchers in disability studies visited my university to present their research. My supervisor invited me to join the seminar, and luckily I was invited to dinner with them. I am going to see one of the researchers next week again.
  • On Friday (St Patrick’s Day), Luca and I went to a restaurant for dinner. He had mussels and I had salmon. After that, we went to a pub to have Guinness with his work colleagues.