Weeks 175 and 176: The final polish before submission

I’ve just sent the final text of my thesis to my supervisors for their final check. This weekend (and probably next week), I will be waiting for their approval of my first submission.

For the past two weeks, it’s been all about ‘inspection’ of the final text – working with my proofreader chapter by chapter, reading through the text many times, and making some corrections for polishing.

Week 175 was relaxing and strangely calm.

On the 6th, it was Luca’s birthday, so we both took a day off. I baked a chocolate marble cake in the morning, and we celebrated his birthday over Prosecco, Prosciutto e Melone (Prosciutto and Melon), pepperoni pizza and the cake. He spent almost the whole day video-chatting with family and friends.



This week, I felt I could spend forever editing and checking the final text. Even when I finish editing and checking, my brain says I could check it once again. ‘Inspecting’ the whole document before submission can be endless. I am apprehensive, and I know I am worrying too much.

On Friday, Luca and I took a stroll outside for an hour – for the first time in weeks – which was very nice. My plan for the next month is to clean up the balcony of our apartment so that we can chill out there during the summer.


Another new research project

My colleagues and I have started a new health research project on cultural comparisons. So, at the moment, apart from my PhD and a conference paper, two research projects are currently underway.

I have again started reading one of my favourite books, The Craft of Research (University of Chicago Press). This well-known book contains conceptual and practical issues in a broader sense, covering principal aspects. I read the third edition five years ago. Since then, this book has inspired me and guided me in doing research. I bought the fourth edition just last week, and am enjoying reading it!


Creamy risotto with ham, tomatoes and peas.


I made Japanese Yakisoba dog!


We baked banana bread.



My achievements in weeks 175 and 176

  • finalised the bibliography
  • put all the draft documents together into one final text
  • read through and checked the final text

Goals for week 177

  • officially submit my PhD thesis
  • apply for a postdoc position