Weeks 162 and 163: Workshop contributions

I was able to share my research with 106 first-year students in the Health Sciences department.

They are future health professionals in medical and social care: many of them were young, some looked mature adults. My supervisor was invited to run the session, and she included me to assist her. We were so pleased to be there because, although we research a variety of health contexts, we are normally based in Arts and Humanity. In the seminar, we shared social science perspectives, and I presented a case study. We then discussed dimensions of human interactions that may impact on health consultations. I truly enjoyed hearing the students’ thoughts and experiences, and it was impressive that some of them already had some practical experience.

The interdisciplinary session was very interesting because we shared different views of analysing and managing a patient’s case. It was beneficial for both health professionals and social science researchers. Some students asked me what ‘communicative dimensions’ meant exactly. It’s a term many linguists use, but often we don’t notice jargon or think about how to explain the various terms we use to people in different fields. This raised my awareness of others’ views and transformed our knowledge from conceptual to more practical.



My achievements in weeks 162 and 163

  • fulfilled my commitment to the workshop

Goals for week 164

  • edit Chapter 4
  • send my application for a postdoc position