Week 158: Making the final push

My first week of 2020 was very productive: supervision, feedback, reformatting and organising my working drafts – and, also, tidying up the house.

I had a meeting with my primary supervisor and received her feedback. She explained how important it is to have clear arguments in the discussion chapter. The discussion is the closing argument and is considered the most crucial part of the research. We decided to make one more revision to the structure and cohesiveness.

We also discussed the schedule for the submission and examiners, more precisely. I have fixed a date to submit my thesis: 30 April 2020. This means that I need to complete the first draft of my thesis by the end of February. I have seven weeks left.

After the meeting, the first thing I did was read through all the university regulation documents and make sure the format and order of my drafts matched the submission rules. I then broke down my goals for the next four months into small items and highlighted them in my diary and calendars.

The next seven weeks will be super-intensive, but I hope I can get some relaxation on weekends.


Post-supervision coffee


Sicilian Pistachio Pasta


My achievements in week 158

  • had a supervision meeting to gain feedback on my drafts
  • submitted my paper abstract to an international conference

Goals for week 159

  • work on editing chapter 6 and writing chapter 7