Weeks 151 and 152: Intensive writing

Progress has been slow over the past two weeks, and I need to get motivated to write better discussions for Chapter 6.

Why I am so slow in writing…

I am envious of people who can write/speak while thinking quickly.

It was a great relief to meet my supervisor last week. My revisions of Chapter 5 are complete, and now I am entirely focused on Chapter 6, where I sum up my findings to date. This process allows me to step back from the details of each finding and look at the big picture. Chapter 7 is the conclusion. I am indulging in looking back over my three-year research journey. For now, all I need to do is finish the first draft. I have given myself a deadline of 10 December for Chapter 6.


Early Christmas gift from Germany

These spicy, nutty, sweet German Christmas cookies arrived last week!

For years, on cold winter mornings, lebkuchen have been my breakfast snack with coffee. Every year, I order lebkuchen from a German shop and it’s always exciting to receive a parcel from the shop in late November.

Until I started living in the UK, my aunt used to invite me to her house every Christmas. Her cooking – German dishes followed by lebkuchen – was a sweet, warming treat. Lebkuchen reminds me of the time we spent together. She loves wine, sausages, stews and spicy cookies. Seriously, only these foods make her happy.

I wonder how she’s been doing this year.



My achievements in Weeks 151 and 152

  • finalised the Chapter 5 revisions
  • started focusing on Chapter 6

Goals for Week 153

  • work on Chapter 6