Carrot Cake

Two weeks ago, I dropped by a cafe to grab a coffee and a slice of vegan carrot cake before going to my class to teach.

The texture of the carrot cake was so soft and light, and the taste was beautiful. Nuts and dry flower petals were sprinkled on the top, which looked lovely. I immediately decided to reproduce the cake at home (but not a vegan version).

This recipe is one of my favourites, Healthier Carrot Cake.

I replaced wholemeal flour with plain flour and added more grated carrots (350g) and walnut pieces (150g) instead of crushed pineapple pieces to the recipe.

For the cream cheese frosting, I used Lightest Philadelphia (180g) and 50g icing sugar and lemon zest.

On top of the frosting, I sprinkled some pine nuts and cornflower petals, which give extra favour. I must say it looked identical to the vegan carrot cake sold at the cafe.



Next time, I would reduce the amount of carrots; 350g carrot and 150g walnut were too much, and the grating was too coarse. The cake is a bit too crunchy, and the edge of the cake is like biscotti (which I loved actually). BUT the flavour is fantastic, and I liked this crunchy carrot cake bar.

Together with decaf English breakfast tea, we enjoyed this cake in the late afternoon. We had to skip dinner as the cake was so filling.