Week 147: feedback week

Week 147 was very relaxing.

I felt able to step back from my data a little and looked at the whole picture from above, reading through my supervisors’ feedback comments on my draft chapters.

The end of my third year is approaching, and strangely, my enthusiasm for researching the field has now fully returned.

In my spare time, I tried my own recipe for lemon drizzle cake. The cake tasted very nice, and we enjoyed our Saturday baking with a glass of rose Prosecco.

However, the results of several trials of my recipe have not been consistent. The time before last was very soft and airy, and this one was a little bit too lemony and needed to be baked slightly longer. I must try again.



My achievements in week 147

  • had a formal supervision meeting and gained many feedback comments
  • tried my own recipe for lemon drizzle cake

Goals for week 148

  • make some amendments to Chapter 5