Weeks 145 and 146: Calmness after sending drafts

When sending draft chapters to my supervisors, I always have mixed feelings with a sense of achievement “I’ve accomplished my goals for this month”, a touch of guilt “I could’ve done better research”, and a strange calm “I do not want to think about anything now”.

My writing habits have become much more consistent in the third year of my PhD. I write every day, but it’s still at a slow pace. Occasionally I read through what I’ve written and feel like it’s all rubbish. The deadline is fast approaching. I’ve carried on with writing the discussion chapter while knowing that I don’t yet have an absolutely clear vision of the points. I have simply tried to be faithful to my data.

We’ll have a supervision meeting next week, which will be the last chance to see and talk to my second supervisor. I will really miss her. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling the guilt that I could’ve done more writing.

From now until the meeting, I’m having a little bit of relaxation time, recharging myself, tidying up the house, and enjoying cooking meals.


My favourite Seafood linguine


Sunday morning tea


Rose lemonade for Monday motivation


Time to write – our Moleskine planners


The milestone birthday

By the way, I turned 40!

The final week of my 30s was dedicated to writing my thesis every day, and I was simply glad to be where I am today.

Luca and I had planned a perfect birthday weekend, which I am going to write about later.


Received a surprise box of chocolate!


My achievements in Weeks 145 and 146

  • sent my supervisors the completed draft of Chapter 5 and working draft of Chapter 6
  • had celebration meals for my 40th birthday!

Goals for Week 147

  • have a formal meeting with my supervisors
  • work on Chapter 6
  • bake a cake