Week 129: Little indulgences

On Monday I took a nice walk in the Victoria Embankment Gardens, dropped by my favourite pastries shop, Melba, and had a honey lemon ginger éclair and English breakfast tea.

The weather was beautiful, and I genuinely felt relaxation and excitement on these longest days of the summer. (The longest day of this year was on 21st June.)




This weekend, I have been writing a section in the methodology chapter – a full illustration of the analytical framework, which I have built up from scratch. There are so many points I need to amend and include, and my brain has been taking so long to switch into writing mode…


The first proof

I received the first proof of my article for an online journal run by my school, and checked it. The article was converted from my MA dissertation, which I first worked on collaboratively three years ago, with support from two doctors in Japan. I believe that their support added value to the paper and hence improved the quality of the discussions.

My PhD thesis is a continuation of the MA dissertation, and the same expert has helped me further since then. This largely explains why I have been able to conduct my research, and I owe them for all their support and for giving back the research findings.



My achievements in Week 129

  • checked the first proof of my article
  • finished a class observation and received feedback

Goals for Week 130

  • finish writing a section of the methodology chapter
  • wrap up a course on Thursday and enjoy the last lesson