Weeks 120 and 121: Step by step

I returned to the UK last weekend, having spent three weeks in Japan.

Over the last two weeks, I had a hectic schedule sorting out business stuff and completing my chapter draft, etc. But, overall, my holiday in Japan was fantastic. Spending time with my family and close friends was the highlight, and I made a short trip to Yakushima and visited a beautiful waterfall, which was superb!


Where I am with research

I submitted the latest version of my draft to my supervisors at the last minute (two days before the meeting), and we had a good discussion on the draft.

Now, I am at a stage where I can see the overview of my findings, illustrate the categories of my framework, and start thinking about my discussion by going back and forth between my research questions and the findings. Because the chapter drafts I have created over the last two and a half years have been a bit messy (some sections really don’t make sense now), it’s time to rewrite an overall structure for my thesis, saying what is exactly about to read for each chapter.


Teaching for the new term

It feels nice to be back teaching. I created a handcrafted puzzle game for my class; although it took two hours to make (Luca helped me in the end), I was very happy to see that students enjoyed the game. Creating materials by myself and doing more activities in the classroom is something I want to do more of.

In the summertime, it’s very nice to take a stroll along the banks of the Thames after work. I can see a lot of people walking, sitting on benches or standing outside pubs, enjoying the long, bright evenings and nice temperatures that have just started. May to July definitely brings the best weather in the UK.



My achievements in Weeks 120 and 121

  • enjoyed my holiday in Japan!
  • submitted the latest version of my draft to supervisors
  • had a good start for the new term of teaching

Goals for Week 122

  • celebrate Luca’s birthday
  • share the latest version of an overall thesis structure with my supervisors
  • work on Chapter 5 draft