Week 117: A life-changing week

The title “A life-changing week” refers more to my current inner thoughts and feelings.

Over the past few years, I have put off some things that I need to do, personal stuff not study-related. These have all come up in more obvious shapes this week, and I have just decided to resolve matters and change how I live. Sorry that this sounds vague.


As for my research, I sent my draft to my supervisors on Thursday evening. My progress was very slow this week, and I was still around the halfway point. I was reluctant to send the working draft, but didn’t want to ask for an extension and postpone next week’s supervision meeting. I did this once last year but feel so guilty about it. So, I sent them the draft just to share my progress and check whether I’m on the right track.

A miracle happened. I found out that my supervisor couldn’t make the meeting and we ended up rescheduling it. This means I have more time to complete the draft and can be more confident in the next meeting.

Next week, I’m going to fly to Japan and spend three weeks with my family for a holiday, and really excited about it!


I’ve lost 4 kg in two months

Since January, my dietary habits have changed significantly. I’m not sure why these changes suddenly happened, but probably there are several combined reasons.

I suddenly became intolerant of coffee in February – After having a coffee with my friend, I had strong stomach pain. I tried coffee a few other times and experienced stomach pain again and again. I’m now a tea drinker and have three cups of breakfast tea with skimmed milk, although I used to have black coffee every day, and it was torture for me not to have one in the morning.

Another thing, I was very tired, physically and mentally, while commuting and working in the new environment in January. Since then, my dietary choices have changed along with the change of lifestyle. As a result, I’ve lost 4 kg in two months.

I’m feeling much better about my body. The stomach pain has stopped since I became a tea drinker.



My achievements in week 117

  • sent a draft of my analysis to my supervisors

Goals for week 118

  • fly to Tokyo and enjoy my holiday with family!