Week 111: Habit-building

I’ve worked on outlining my methodological framework for analysis, as well as preparing transcripts. Yesterday I sent my sketch of it to my supervisors. One achievement in Week 111 was not just completing this, but also building a habit to write my thesis every day. Since I felt bad about having had an unproductive time last week, I read a few articles and books on methods of being productive and more consistent in writing. I then decided to try one method.


Building habits to write

My focus is to write my thesis on a daily basis, even on my teaching days, aiming to submit it in December.

I decided to try “to create a micro-commitment where it’s impossible to fail” and award myself a small win if I have written even one or two sentences in a day. The key is habit-building; to take action and get small wins. Actually, even if I had intended only to write one sentence in a chapter draft, once I start, the concentration is likely to last for a few hours (Mel Robbins’ The 5 Second Rule!). I’ve done it for all seven days this week.


A photo from a lovely Sunday lunch with Luca’s mum


My achievements in Week 111

  • revised my methodological framework and shared it with my supervisors
  • worked on a transcript of one case
  • started a gluten-free diet and have lost 1kg so far!

Goals for Week 112

  • maintain the writing routine and the gluten-free diet
  • make a full transcript of one case