Week 99: Initiation of data analysis

This week was relaxing and productive in terms of a transition from theory review to data analysis.

Based on plans my supervisors and I made last week, I mapped out audio data to structure analysis chapters, and I set a weekly schedule for conducting each process and writing chapters for the next year. I then started analysing consultation data, which is going to be my focus for Christmas and New Year.

I am very excited about going back to Tokyo in two weeks’ time and have bought Christmas presents for my family and friends. I will stay in Japan for a couple of weeks, and the schedule is already filled with short trips to Kyoto and Fukuoka, Christmas concerts and dinners. My parents and aunt seem very excited about seeing me, which makes me feel merrier!


Coffee and a slice of panettone for breakfast


Certified as a language teacher of Japanese

At last, I’ve completed a two-year online programme for teaching Japanese and have been awarded the certificate!

I think the learning style of the course suited me, and I was comfortable with working on it at my own pace. I gained a much better understanding of grammar and teaching techniques and developed my confidence. I worked hard on each piece of coursework, most of which was quite practical.

In 2016, before I started teaching at university, I took a three-month course for teaching Japanese which covered basic teaching skills. It was good to acquire that knowledge step by step, and I have learnt how to apply it to a classroom environment.

I am not sure if I will teach again next year because I would like to focus on my thesis until December 2019. However, some people say that it’s better to continue teaching, in any subject and in any setting, like groups or in private lessons.


Stay hydrated while working. Always.


Hazelnut, Pecan and Nutella Swirl Buns

Since making chocolate babka in July, Luca has often asked me when I’m going to bake it again. I normally choose a recipe for my next weekend’s baking while watching cooking videos on YouTube. I’ve just discovered Donal Skehan’s Chocolate Swirl Buns, which look tasty and much easier to make than twisting babka. I tried his recipe.

Actually, soon after starting to knead the dough, I realised that I had made a mistake with my milk measurement. I had added too much, so the dough was very sticky. I tried to remedy my mistake by adding flour but almost gave up, afraid that this would not work. But after the first rise, the dough had a good consistency, and I decided to continue making it. I used Nutella and added hazelnuts and pecans. It eventually smelled really nice, tasted good and wasn’t bad at all. The recipe is amazing.


Hazelnut, Pecan and Nutella Swirl Buns


The swirl shape looks lovely.


My achievements in Week 99

  • created data mapping and set a weekly schedule for analysing data
  • started analysing consultation data
  • updated my CV
  • enjoyed networking at a reception

Goals for week 100

  • work on consultation analysis
  • transcribe audio data of some more cases