Week 94: Writing and Anpan-making

I have been making progress in revising Chapter 2.

What motivates me most now is the thought of sharing my findings with my research participants when I fly to Tokyo and visit them in December. I booked my flights, clarified which tasks should be done by then, and set personal deadlines. I am very excited at the prospect of seeing the participants again. Having a vivid imagination for sharing my work with them greatly helps me become productive as it becomes more realistic.

Also, cooking meals every day has helped me reduce stress levels. This week I cooked dinners only using stuff in the pantry, fridge and freezer, without any shopping; it worked for seven days. It was also a nice feeling to use up stuff stored in the kitchen, not to waste it.


Thursday dinner: soup and sandwiches


Recently, I feel like doing ‘something’: I would like to do something connecting my research to a practical thing of health promotion so that it could become a preventive measure of health issues for people, even if it is a baby step. I have no concrete plan, yet. But it keeps coming into my mind.


Anpan—Sweet Red Bean Buns

I made my favourite Japanese pastry, Anpan – sweet red bean buns. I always buy red bean paste and matcha when ordering Japanese confectionery and food ingredients from the Japan Centre in London.

I left the dough in the fridge to rise overnight (it was experimental for me) for the first rise. After taking it from the fridge and allowing a couple of hours for the dough ‘waking up’, I divided it into 10 pieces, wrapped sweet red bean paste in the dough, and baked them. They are delicious as always. I love the combination of Anpan and matcha green tea. They smell classic and nostalgic.



My achievements in week 94

  • worked on a piece of coursework for the teaching programme (two more to go)
  • made progress in my writing

Goals for week 95

  • work on my chapters
  • work on my conference paper