Week 91: Being together for three years

This week has been relaxing and felt slow.

My supervisor has told me that I should take some time off from work after the conference. Without feeling guilty about taking a break from work, I have been spending time reading some non-academic books and recipes. But I need to finish revising my chapter by next weekend. I worked a little bit on outlining the revised version of my chapters, putting some ideas together and a piece of coursework for the teaching programme.


Tuesday dinner: tomato pilaf and omelette


3rd anniversary

On the 27th, Luca and I celebrated being together for three years at our favourite restaurant. We enjoyed a bottle of champagne over dinner and also complimentary glasses of champagne and chocolates.

For the past year, we both have been very busy, had little time to do things together and travelled together less. We hope to travel more in the future; he seems to be planning a trip for my birthday next month.


Dinner at the oldest hotel in the UK, the Maids Head Hotel



Bread making

Today I made bread rolls with two different kinds of filling: corn and tuna mayo, and shrimp au gratin.

As an experiment in dough making, I added 50g spelt flour for 300g strong flour and substituted olive oil for butter and maple syrup for sugar. It turned out that the dough was too light and crispy, and that I prefer a regular bread recipe containing dairy products. The filling was good. It’s really nice to do this experimental baking for fun and identify favourite combinations.


Bread rolls filled with corn & tuna mayo, and shrimp au gratin.


My achievements in week 91

  • submitted a piece of coursework for the teaching programme
  • joined an authors’ group to learn more about writing skills

Goals for week 92

  • finish writing the draft of the third revision of Chapter 2