Week 89: Presentation rehearsal

I have read tips on how to present research at academic conferences.

This week, I rehearsed my presentation again and again and revised my script and slides. In the first practice run-through, I talked about most of the things I wanted to include, which took 40 minutes (but my slot is only 15 minutes). My last rehearsal was 20 minutes speaking very fast. Luca’s feedback was very helpful; I should talk less about the theory and reduce the number of examples. I initially added four examples in my slides but reduced that to two.

I have learnt that less is better and fewer sentences are better, although I was thinking that more information would be better. As well as reducing the content, I have continued looking at the data.


Table lamps

Last weekend, I bought three table lamps for our desks and bedside. They are lovely little metal lamps with a white pleated shade in a French style. I really love them.

Since we welcomed the lamps into the house, the atmosphere in the rooms has changed a bit. It’s more relaxing. On the window sill, we have started lighting a candle. It feels like autumn has truly arrived.


My plans after the conference

This year seems like my first conference-centred year. I submitted my proposal this January (why are conference paper deadlines always so early?). I will have attended three conferences and will submit a full paper in December. Over the rest of this year, I would like to complete the draft of the theory and methodology chapter.

For my non-research activities, I am going to finish all my coursework for the teaching programme in October and want to resume my weekend baking as well.


Weekend refreshment


My achievements in Week 89

  • revised my presentation slides and script, and rehearsed many times
  • submitted a piece of coursework for the teaching programme

Goals for Week 90

  • attend the full programme of the conference in Cardiff
  • start the third revision of my chapter