Week 83: A sketch of the framework and Focaccia

This week wasn’t as productive as last week, but it was wonderful that I had a coffee break with my PhD colleagues. We discussed our research progress and gave advice to one another. I explained that I have been setting up a provisional framework and also reorganising my literature review chapters.

One of my colleagues, who is in her third year, told me ‘Back to data rather than theories when you are stuck.’ That is true, and it reminded me of Silverman’s quotes, which I wrote about in my Week 73 diary. We cannot identify what are important dimensions without scrutinising data.

For the past few days, I have read through my field notes and listened to audio data again and again.


I made a sketch

While referring to my data, I made a quick sketch of my framework.

My supervisor previously told me that I can send her my quick notes before I start writing a full draft. But this is always tricky because a ‘quick sketch’ is something (over)simplified and I am not sure at which stage I can show it to her. I always send my ‘full length’ draft to my supervisors when I finish writing it.

But maybe, I can send my sketch this time.


Monday dinner: Spaghetti Aglio e Olio



Today I made focaccia for our weekend antipasti, which were olives, tomatoes, ham and buffalo mozzarella. I read some different recipes for Italian focaccia online. This time, I combined 200g bread flour and 50g wholemeal flour, making four small round shapes. They looked very nice. Luca said my focaccia is much lighter than regular Italian versions, and he gave me many compliments. I will make this again soon with different toppings, like sun-dried tomatoes, olives or sautéed mushrooms with garlic and parsley.




My achievements in Week 83

  • had a lovely coffee break with my colleagues!
  • reorganised the structure of my literature review chapters
  • made a sketch of a provisional framework

Goals for Week 84

  • continue working on my methodology chapter